Hencofloor tool

The easy way to a fast material detection

Hencofloor tool runs immediately in any web browser, without any additional software or plug-ins. In the blink of an eye, you can capture whole projects, including all storeys, apartments and rooms. Hencofloor tool supports you with convenient presets, simple and fast input and an intelligent assistant that immediately rejects wrong or conflicting entries and offers improvements. This way, you avoid mistakes and stay on top of all important parameters of your planned floor heating.
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Comprehensive calculation

Hencofloor tool berechnet die Fußbodenheizung gemäß der DIN1264. Hierbei wird die Produktpalette von Henco als Grundlage genommen, für alle wichtigen Parameter existieren Voreinstellungen. Erzielen Sie Ihre gewünschten Leistungswerte mit Leichtigkeit.

Access from anywhere

Hencofloor tool was built to assist you with your everyday job, without any barriers. Because of this, it runs in any web browser, no matter if you are planning from your PC at home, on the go on your smartphone or on site at your customer on a tablet. All calculation results can be exported as PDFs, for email or printing.

Intelligent material detection

Never forget about materials or accessories on your orders again. Hencofloor tool will determine all necessary materials for your project automatically, sum up the applied quantities, optimize packaging units and allows for exporting your order lists as printable PDFs.

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